new machine??

JoAnn Novak

 I would suggest the Elna.  I have the Elna 740, it is about 5 years old and I love the machine.
 I stitch my quilts together with it.  They have updated this machine.  I was told is made by
 Janome.  I also have the Janome 15000.

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Hi looking for an opinion here. I currently own the MC12000. When I bought it I wanted a good quilting machine and thought I would be interested in the embroidery aspect. I probably over bought and to be honest I am never got the hang of embroidering with it. Since then I became very interested in embroidering and was given the opportunity to buy an embroidery only machine which I do use and feel comfortable with. I have also found that I like have a sewing machine and embroidery machine. I am able to leave them both set up and I use them both more now. 
My question is about getting a sew only Janome. I do love the way it sews and don't have any problems with the threader or anything else. My dealer will buy it from me. When I asked a year ago he really discouraged me because at that time the sew only machines in his opinion did not match the quality of the 12000. I now have been reading a lot about the Skyline machines and I want an expert opinion about the differences between the sewing quality and capabilities between the MC12000 and the Skyline 7. I still mostly  only quilt on the sewing machine and don't see me doing any other type of sewing in the near future.
Thank you for all opinions.

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