Re: Corel Draw Essentials. and saving vectors to cdr format

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I don't know if this is what you want to do, but I was able to save a graphic file from the Corel part by using
 instead of <save as>.

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I just received the explanation. This behavior is by design:

In Graphics Mode, the Corel window is embedded in the Janome application. File > Save and File > Save As are actually saving a JAN file in which the CorelDRAW portion is embedded as a sub-document of the JAN file document. Hence the switch back to Embroidery mode to present the embroidery Save dialog.

This is also done as Corel has no idea about embroidery so it avoids problems if the user selected File > Save with embroidery in Graphics Mode.

How do you save as CDR from Graphics Mode? Basically you can't. If you just want to save vectors as a CDR file you must use the standalone CorelDRAW Essentials.

So if you want to use Corel as a graphic tool, it's best done using the separate Corel menu item in Windows. Once you invoke it from within DIgitizer MBX, it's going to be strictly an embroidery tool, even when working with graphic files.

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> It does the same thing for me. It seems to be a bug, since the Save As dialog is never presented. I've reported it as a bug. Keep in mind that the Corel Draw Essentials included with MBX is a customized version, and has been modified from the X5 version that you also have. Some functions may be different, although in this case it seems wrong as well as different.
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> >
> > I’m quite perplexed. I spent some time today in Corel Draw Essentials. I switched from Easy Design in the usual way, imported a svg vector from a Dover CD I had. I edited the black and white design and filled my new shapes with colour. I then tried to use Save As to save in cdr format but all I got was a switch back to Easy Design and the option to save as a jan file. I then tried to use export and only got bitmap options for saving.
> > Anyone got any advice about what is going on here?
> > Donna M
> > Canada
> > PS. I opened the same vector in my full version of Corel Draw X5 and had no problems saving my edited vector in cdr format.
> >

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