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As noted, size A is equivalent to the class 15 bobbins used in the 12000. Stay away from L size, which are the same diameter, but shorter, and NEVER use coins to raise up a short bobbin! Sounds crazy, I know, but some people do this.

When searching for pre-wound bobbins online, one secret is to include "108" in your search terms. The Janome pre-wounds are packed 108 to a box. L-size, such as NEBS, are packed 144 to a box. This can help you determine if what you are getting is a true Janome bobbin. The boxes themselves are plain white, with no branding. Janome's part number is RAPREW108, if you want to have your local dealer order them.

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I was wondering what size of pre=wound
bobbins, to get, for my 12,000?

Suggestions on where to get them?


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