Re: 12000 Needle Threader

cas <cas@...>

Because of all the discussions on this board about issues with the 15000 threader I have decided to only use it when I use Organ needles, which is almost always, and thread by hand if I use Schmetz.  They are shaped a little differently and have a slight size difference.  I haven’t seen many posts about anyone having issues with the 12000 needle threader though.
Jim brought up some good points about making sure you have the needle inserted all the way up.  Sometimes if you switch to a larger needle you may not loosen the screw enough to get the new needle all the way up.  When in doubt I start over.  I don’t know if it’s the same on the 12000 but if I get down to eye level I can see the needle shank when it is inserted all the way to the top.

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