12000 Needle Threader

JoAnn Novak

  Why doesn't Janome find a solution to the problems.
  Then have us take our machines in to have the machine corrected.

  I have my first Janome and it is the 15000. 
  So far I have not had problems.
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Barb...the thread jumping out of the take-up lever has been an ongoing problem with my wife's 15000. Same with the needle threader.  Janome swapped out the first machine with a refurbed machine two weeks ago but it had the same problem (and more) than the original one.  After sending their customer support an email expressing my disappointment in their sewing machines, Janome has agreed to send me a brand new machine and embroidery arm, which is on its way now.  No complaints regarding their customer service, just frustrating.....

Hope you get your situation resolved.

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