Re: Has anyone used the free Pulse Ambassador to resize designs?

Vikki Youngmeyer

I know the subject link is about Pulse Ambassador, but part of the email had a request about the Horizon Link program.


“Simple instruction” for the Horizon Link program is an oxymoron! My LQS wants me to teach a course but not spend a lot of time doing so to maximize profit. I’ve found the best support from the 15000 app on the IPad. Use that in conjunction with the 15000 manual and one can figure out most of what is going on. I just finished putting together a small wall-hanging  - 9 patch - 20” x 20”. The main problems I had was getting the templates to line up with the quilt area. I don’t have the Clothsetter, but don’t know if it really would have helped me. I could get the interior squares lined up and stitched out just fine. I didn’t allow 4” of extra fabric all the way around the outside of the quilt, so had to use painters tape on two sides of some blocks to get things stabilized. Once I figured out which created files could be edited or not edited that was a milestone.


For me, it’s not likely I will use Horizon Link to quilt anything, as I have a long arm quilter. However, I know now how to use it, and the stitching is superb. I worked on a Hoop Sisters Double Wedding Ring quilt and got very frustrated with the “fussiness” of it – taking the hoops on and off and changing the threads for multiple blocks, and one didn’t even have to line up the blocks like you do when quilting. Setting up the designs, once figured out, was not an issue!




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I've had the program for quite a while, but when I went to try it out again lately, couldn't figure out how to use it 😕  Same thing with Wilcom TrueSizer.  I have Wilcom (another impulse purchase) and I can't remember how to use that either!   I don't need to do much - resize, combine or adjust designs.  I can figure out color changes on my own,  I think whatever I use, I need one on one instruction.  I wonder if my Janome dealer would include some simple instruction on Horizon Link. I even hesitate to try Embird, even though it's relatively inexpensive.  Or I could just stick to sewing, and only use designs that need no alterations!  Right now, I have plenty of sewing to occupy my time.

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