Problems with Converted Designs on my 15000

Mike Adams

Does anyone else have problems with designs converted from another format to JEF, then stitched out on their 15000?  I have both 6D and Floriani Total Control U as editing software. When I am finished editing size, density, etc, I save as a JEF, then send it over to the 15000.  The problems I am having are clumping of density, thread breaks, etc.  It is like the stitching is not being formatted properly for the 15000 to work with.

I know it is a problem with the design because when I immediately stitch out a design that came with the machine, it stitches out with no problem at all.

(When I do the same design and convert it to PES, it stitches out fine on my Brother Dream Machine.)

Any thoughts appreciated.

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