Re: Modifying Koala Desk

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Why is it that there's "never enough", be it fabric, designs, space or money for it all!  In addition to everything else, I have easily over 100 t-shirts in bins left over from the time when I thought I wanted to be a commercial embroiderer. The same thing with fabric and patterns.  We've been in this house for almost 30 years, and it's bursting at the seams :-)  It's time to accept reality, and simplify.  In the last 10 years, I have bought and sold a 15 needle commercial machine, 3 embroidery machines (although Janome will be the last - I love it!), a serger, and a quilting machine.  I've managed to whittle down my stash a little by donating fabric to my guild to make quilts for Families in Transition, and kids who go to summer camp.  I wouldn't need to "find more space" if I had less stuff.  I've seem many friends wit much smaller spaces than mine who manage perfectly fine because they know their limits.  Guess I'm finally facing reality.  Stay tuned for freebies when I finally start downsizing!  As they say, less is more.  Sue

P.S. thanks for the advice on the thread stand - I'll give it a try.

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