Virus software

JoAnn Novak

We are trying to figure out the best virus software to buy to protect

our computers.

What do you use and why??

Thank you for your input.


From behind a surgical mask, Jim says:

I advise my Windows clients to use Windows Defender, a Microsoft product. It's free, it guards against both virus and general malware and Microsoft keeps it updated. It will protect agains most threats, though there are some that cannot be easily detected. "Drive by" malware infects by visiting an infected website though pop-ups warning, ironically, that your computer is infected with a virus. Click ANYWHERE in the warning message, including the X to close it and you will be infected. This is a popular method for distributing "ransomware" that encrypts your hard drive and offers to restore it for a fee. Another popular vector is emails that appear to be from someone you trust and have lines like "Hey, check this out!" followed by a link. Click the link, get infected. One of the reasons this list is monitored is because those types of emails show up every week or two. I delete them to prevent infections to member computers.

Everyone will have their favorite antivirus recommendation. It's important to use something and even more important to keep backups of all your critical files. I always recommend the 3-2-1 backup strategy:

3 copies of everything

2 different kinds of backup media (e.g. external drive, DVD, USB, etc)

1 copy offsite in case you lose your house

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