I am thinking of purchasing Accuedit and wondered if others think it's worth it.  I currently have Embird and I'm not sure if Accuedit will give me anything additional or if it will just be a similar program. 

Those of you that have it; do you like it?  is it worth it?  does it help to have everything on the iPad?

Advice appreciated.

Gail in FL

Dazed and confused, Jim says:

The only program I know of related to Janome is AcuEdit, which is an app for iPad. It's free, but useful only if you have a 15000. Otherwise you won't be able to use it. You may be confusing it with AcuDesign, which is $50 if you didn't get it with your machine. It's far more powerful than AcuEdit. I'll leave it to group members to weigh in on the final three questions.

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