resequencing with mbx

I hope someone on this group uses the MBX digitizer and can help. I have some little pencil toppers (along with several other items) that I am wanting to make in one hooping. I have added them (6 to a hooping) by duplicate or copy paste method. I am trying to resequence the colors so I will have less color changes. At the present I am using the control key and selecting the color I want to join and dragging it to the first one or using the arrows at the bottom. This is very time consuming and sometimes confusing if you have a color used more than once in the design. Is there a way of combining or resequencing with out doing this cumbersome and confusing method?

Hoping to avoid a cumbersome and confusing answer, Jim says:

What you are actually trying to do is resequence the stitch order by color. There's a tool for that. See page 135 in the MBX manual (Resequencing objects by color).

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