Playing the Embroidery DVD and using Horizon Link.

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I finally decided to get out the DVD's and learn how to use Horizon Link to see my designs.  The included instructional DVD didn't help me, so I decided to play Jim and Diane's DVD.  In spite of comments that Flash Player wasn't the best program to have, I tried to install it because the DVD needs it to play.  It told me that my browser doesn't support the Flash player, so I tried whatever they said to do to get it to work.  It didn't.  Rather than go around in circles (which I did numerous time anyway), I tried both Yahoo and Internet Explorer, neither of which wanted to install the Flash Player.   I didn't try Google because for some reason, I get all kinds of popups, which make impossible to to accomplish anything.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I can't figure out what to do.  My designs are on both my hard drive and an external hard drive.  At the moment, I'd like to be able to use Horizon Link.  All I  seem to be able to do is open a design from the pre-loaded folders.  I can't find any way to choose one of my own.  Am I supposed to be using a different program?  Also, can I convert the format in Horizon Link?  I have designs in hus, vp3,and  pes.  By the time I got the 12000, I had kind of stopped acquiring new designs, and this is the first Janome I've had.  Anything I purchased on a DVD can be downloaded again in jef, but a lot of them that I bought online only let me choose one format.  I'd like to be able to batch convert them if possible, otherwise I'll be doing it forever!  Since I don't want to digitize, I thought Horizon Link would work.  If I need to purchase something in addition, does Janome have any reasonable priced, easy to use software that will do the trick?  Luckily, I don't have any embroidery pending, and I'll have to keep it that way until I can access my designs!  I really tried everything I could before I wrote this, and I'm getting kind of tired of going in circles!  Thanks😕  Sue

Jim suggests:
Try Google Chrome. It has Flash built in, but should play the videos without using Flash. If you are getting a lot of pop-ups you may have malware in your computer, but the Chrome browser does not have anything to do with it. If you have Windows 7 or later you can also upgrade Internet Explorer to a later version. We have verified that the DVD works fine on XP, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 using Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11, Chrome or FireFox.

If none of this works please email me off list so we can pursue it further.

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