Re: Adjusting stitch density ...? Seam guide ...? Touch screen ...?

Cheryl Paul

Good Morning,

I haven't tried the AcuDesign to see if the stitch count changes but I do know that on the 15000 it does not.  You only Increase or decrease the size and the stitch count stays the same, so you then get less or more density.

I have had an embroidery machine with the same type of screen for over 10 years, my MC10000 did not have a stylus, but the 11000 did and I didn't know about the blunt end rubber stylus that I was able to get for my iPad, which I don't use as it is not convenient.  However, back to the one that come with the sewing machine, I have used it always and it has never been a problem.  My MC11000 has as perfect a screen as you could have after 10 years of sewing, using the white styles and my finger.  No scratches that I'm aware of,  I'd have to ask my daughter to check as the 11000 now lives at her house.  The white styles won't hurt the screen, but you NEVER just jab it, gentle does it just fine.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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I can see on AcuDesign that the stitch density is automatically adjusted when you change the size of the design to fit a different hoop.  However I am not sure if this also applies when changing the size of a design on the mc15000 ... Does it readjust the stitch density?

Plus I am wondering when using the embroidery arm seam guide if anyone else has found that the fabric can take up a millimetre or two of the seam allowance (depending on its thickness).  I have to adjust it for that before sewing the seam.

And yes Anne I also have been hesitant to use the sharp end of the screen stylus on the screen.  I usually use the rounded end or my knuckle if I feel my fingertip is a bit too moist.


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