Re: How to support a large quilt when using AcuFil


I love this group.  I normally am in the learning mode, but I hope I have something I can share.  I recently quilted a king size quilt (109 x 109) using my 15000.  One hint I heard from Ricky Tims on his show was to make a tent around the back of your machine.  So after I hooped the area I needed to quilt,  I tented  (lifted up off of the surface) the quilt behind and to the sides of the machine.  Make sure there is no pulling anywhere.  This keeps you mindful of any areas that might get caught or on the side that gravity may pull.

I never had more than half of my quilt in the harp.  When I was in the middle of the quilt, I paid very close attention to make certain I didnt sew the quilt to itself.  It took a lot of patience for the mid section.

Good luck it can be done.


Sheri in TX

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