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Welcome back home, Brrr!  A little different than AZ. 
The  “Bro” Scan and Cut comes uses 12x12 and 12x 24 mats.  I bought the second model which is wireless and connects to the internet but I have tried neither because I’ve been leaning toward selling it on eBay and buying the Edge, so I’ve kept all the parts I didn’t use “like new” and sealed to get a better price.  I went to a class and a lady there said she couldn’t get her internet part to work, but then everyone was having problems that day.  I spent 10 hrs. at home just finishing that project and trying to get the thing to cut right.  I’ve only used it one other time and it worked ok with the right products (not necessarily the ones the dealer was trying to get me to buy).  The mat didn’t work out of the box, I bought it right before class, and I had to Spray Sulky temp adhesive on it at the class.  I think a product should work at least ONCE without having to buy add-on products, yes?  There were 8 of us in class and we were all blamed for it not working.  We used the wrong starch, or didn’t starch it enough, or the wrong adhesive, or cheap fabric or didn’t adhere it well, and on and on.  It was so funny, one lady was blamed that cheap fabric was causing wrinkles, therefore it couldn’t cut, she correctly pointed out the part she was attempting the test cut on was at the top where it was smooth and glued down well. . .
I like using Heat and Bond Lite, and Krylon temporary adhesive, it sticks well enough to cut but pops off easily.  I like the Sulky temp spray too but it’s expensive and harder to find.  I also reinforce the tops and sides with painter’s tape. It has to be below the black part at the top that the scanner reads.   I read the book, used the proper blade (not the extra blade I was sold at class) and it worked well.  Also, I can’t stand the smell of starch and Mary Ellen Best Press scent free works well for me.  I was told I had to use the brand of starch they sell at the store for it to work well, lol.  I’m sharing all this because it may work with your Edge too if it seems your mat is not sticky enough and you get partial cuts.  My mat got really messed up when I used the wrong glue, some temp to perm glue I had here, so I glued parchment paper down, then glued fabric to that until I get another mat, this helps it lift off easier too.
The Bro. does have an interactive screen and can work with designs all by itself, it comes loaded with many shapes and fonts, it can also get more free by connecting with the internet, with no computer involved.  I had a quilt kit and I scanned the applique patterns and cut them out, it worked well for that.  I also like that it will scan your fabric and the nice color screen will then let you place your shapes wherever you want on that fabric, so you could literally use a 1” square of fabric to cut a shape out of.  If it would stick!    You can also use USB or connect it to your computer.
The 15” Edge I saw is HUGE though, takes up a lot of counter space.  The Bro is about 21” wide I think.   I tried to measure it in the shelf behind the cabinet I can barely get at since I squeezed this too big desk in here, but I digress....  lol.  I’m happy to hear it does cut 30” length.  I only saw the small mat at the store and on the review I read.
Since Virginia told me of a way I can use the Bro with Embrilliance I will probably keep it instead of starting over.  I’ve been leaning toward buying Embrilliance any way so I can manage embroidery files.   Maybe Bro will update it to make it more compatible with other files, that would be nice!

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Hi Cas,

I have the Artistic Edge and it will cut 15” up to 30” in length. The 15” square comes with the Artistic Edge Cutter in a high sticky mat for fabric and a low sticky for paper and card stock. I recently returned from Arizona and the lady that teaches the Scan and Cut told me that she preferred the mats for the Edge Cutter and wished that she could afford to have another in her box of tricks. I can’t say from personal experience but just what I see and hear. How big are the cutting mats for your Scan and Cut.

Something that I did notice was the little screen that the Scan and Cut has. The Artistic Edge Cutter doesn’t have that and I think only works in conjunction with a computer. The WiFi I’m told in the Artistic needs a tweak to work correctly, but I have used it and they do talk to each other. A friend used it and got cuts that weren’t finished - all parts were there just not complete. Apparently that was because of this glitch with the WiFi - once she attached the cord, she got “perfect” cuts. Also the Artistic can send most file formats - we aren’t tied to one, i.e.: JEF, which is Janome only - we can save to Brother/BabyLock, Pfaff, etc. - nice feature. I’m surprised that the Scan and Cut is limited to PES format.

I haven’t used my machine enough to be any kind of expert on it, but I sure hope to get there.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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