Re: When buying a 15000

Anne Parker

In UK when you buy from a show you have to nominate a local dealer as 'your dealer'.  That dealer then gets the commission for the sale even though you haven't bought from them and they are committed to servicing your machine if they accept the commission.

I do think the commission is slightly less for the dealer this way though.  As it happens I have never had to visit my dealer for the 15000 in the 14 months I've had the machine - or even call them for help. They don't do specific classes for the 15000 though are happy to answer queries.  I do take my other electronic and computerized machines to them if they need a service or a fix that I can't do, so they do get my custom that way. 

I always recommend them to anyone that asks where to go as I have had such good service in the 4 years I have been using them. - they are 17miles away and I use them in preference to one just 3 miles away who is absolute rubbish.  Always trying to get you to buy a new machine, and when he 'repairs' your old one there seems to be more wrong with it than when you took it in.

On the subject of service - are there any guidelines on when to get a perfectly good running machine serviced?  I don't like the 'years' timeframe as it depends how much you've used your machine what state it is in - so anyone any idea of how many hours actually stitching are ok before a service is recommended?  I have a 5 year warantee on my machine but can't see anywhere where it tells me I need to get it serviced.


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 Shuddering at the thought of how many actual hours his body has existed, Jim says:
Owners of the 15000 have an advantage as they can see the actual hours of sewing on the help (?) screen of the machine. A big factor beyond actual sewing time is owner care. If you never remove the bobbin case for cleaning then I would recommend a service at 100-200 hours of sewing. Regular cleaning can extend that to 300-500 hours. Of course whenever things are not working correctly it merits a trip to the dealer, especially if the errant behavior follows a broken needle or other accident.

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