Throwing out previous versions of Digitizer?


Just need confirmation that I can throw out my previous versions of Digitizer. I started with Digitizer Pro, upgraded to MBXv4 then to v4.5 and now have upgraded once again to MBX v5. If I throw out, particularly v4.5, and have to re install v5 onto a new computer do I need to  install 4.5 first? I know the previous dongles are dead. I need to declutter my sewing storage area but am frightened to just throw them in the rubbish bin!


Trying to avoid being chucked into the bin, Jim says:

With all versions of Janome Digitizer through MBX 4.5, once you have upgraded the dongle you will never again need the prior versions. When reinstalling you NEVER need install prior versions, and doing so will only complicate things. We're still waiting for V5, so I can't speak for that, but I'm sure others will.

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