Re: When buying a 15000

Kaye Lessard

I do an embroidery class for my dealer - it is a day away for us ladies!! I have learned so much froM all!
We have had a few friends of some ladies buy a machine or cutter at the Houston show - then when they had problems right away called them and only was told to call Janome for help!!! One lady sent her machine to be repaired and didn't get it back for a year!!! Was told they had to send it to Japan !! Yea that doesn't happen!!
So this year some ladies ordered the 500e and got them a few days before show
Turned out she was $100 more than show!!! But the ladies didn't care because they know they have a great dealer that will help them!!
Service does matter!
Also Janome tells dealers they have to sell for Mrsp price at beginning- but they do nothing to dealers who don't !! So now my dealer has lowered her prices so she can be competitive but still make a living!!!
Kaye in la

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