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Yes the Embrilliance Essentials is the lowest level of Embrilliance and it is now $139.99.  I purchased it just for my Scan and Cut conversion to applique  I own the  Janome 12,000 (same as the 15,000 except for wireless).  It is a very simple step and voila we are ready to save as a SVG.  Also Brother has a free software program on their website called Canvas that lets you read your SVG file and work with it on the software,   When you get your Scan and cut it will explain it all to you.  Now the Embrilliance I found out from facebook that it will work.  I have tried it 2 twice and it is soooo simple to do.  Embrilliance reads all embroidery files even Bernina whereas our Janome programs do not read or save to Bernina.  Now be sure to shop around for the best price.  The 650W is what I purchased and had to drive 40 miles to get it as we do not have a Brother dealer here in my town..But it was well worth the drive.  I am really enjoying the new technology.

Now do not get me wrong, I love my Janome and my Janome software and will always be loyal to Janome and will never buy another brand, however, the Janome software does not do this for us and that is why I decided to make it easier on myself.  Hopefully Janome will decide that we need that feature in our software.


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Thanks Virginia!!  This is great news.  I felt so dumb buying the Scan and Cut when I should have got the Edge.  I do like that the Scan and Cut has a longer mat, so that’s how I made myself feel better. 
I will look into it, but from what you’re telling me, I can save embroidery files as SVG files so that I can cut the cloth with Scan and Cut and them embroider them in the hoop by converting them with Embrilliance to .jef?  I’ve seen it recommended often but haven’t purchased it yet.  Is it any particular version of Embrilliance?
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Cas your Horizon may read PES files (not sure about that) but Digitizer, Jr does but that is an additional purchase.  Look into Embrilliamce.  It will read all embroidery files and you can change the PES to JEF and it also allows you to save your files as an SVG for your Scan and Cut.  I am a diehart Janome owner and have the MBX software which I love (pricey but suits me) but I also purchased the new Scan and Cut as a to me Xmas gift and I purchased the Embrilliamce software (139.00) from Embrilliamce just for my Scan and Cut.  Go to read the info and download the free trial.  I purchased it just for turning my designs into Applique.  It works wonderfully.  Also go to You Tube there are great videos on there as well.  check out the videos for "Applelover53"  She is fantastic telling how to use both the Embrilliance, Scan and Cut and how to maintain our machines.  She is a Janome owner as well.
Hope this helps,

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Any idea how I can turn .pes files to .jef files?  I bought the Brother Scan and Cut which reads .pes files and would love to applique them in the hoop.  I do not have any digitizing software.  I was told at the seminar where I bought the 15000 that it does read .pes files but I have not seen how.  I have to convert all other formats to .jef using wilcom before I can open them.
I looked up svg files and saw it’s designs for the type of cuts my machine does.
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Great job and some really good advice for new owners of the Artistic Edge.  Using svg files does make it so easy to turn artwork into machine applique.
Donna M

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