Re: Scan and Cut with 15000

Cheryl Paul

Hi Cas,

I have the Artistic Edge and it will cut 15” up to 30” in length. The 15” square comes with the Artistic Edge Cutter in a high sticky mat for fabric and a low sticky for paper and card stock. I recently returned from Arizona and the lady that teaches the Scan and Cut told me that she preferred the mats for the Edge Cutter and wished that she could afford to have another in her box of tricks. I can’t say from personal experience but just what I see and hear. How big are the cutting mats for your Scan and Cut.

Something that I did notice was the little screen that the Scan and Cut has. The Artistic Edge Cutter doesn’t have that and I think only works in conjunction with a computer. The WiFi I’m told in the Artistic needs a tweak to work correctly, but I have used it and they do talk to each other. A friend used it and got cuts that weren’t finished - all parts were there just not complete. Apparently that was because of this glitch with the WiFi - once she attached the cord, she got “perfect” cuts. Also the Artistic can send most file formats - we aren’t tied to one, i.e.: JEF, which is Janome only - we can save to Brother/BabyLock, Pfaff, etc. - nice feature. I’m surprised that the Scan and Cut is limited to PES format.

I haven’t used my machine enough to be any kind of expert on it, but I sure hope to get there.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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