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I don't go there often, but I have seen several dealers on eBay.  That surprised me at first, but it makes sense.  It is another sales outlet and it gets a lot of traffic.

It sounds like you got a really good deal.  I am very happy for you, and I will definitely take your advice seriously.  Thank you.

- Cat

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I understand the dealer's position, but for me, I just couldn't afford that huge price.  I have a 12000 that I bought from a dealer on eBay.  It was a NEW machine; I wouldn't buy a used one off eBay.  I called the dealer and had a long discussion with him.  He was offering Digitizer Jr for free as an incentive to buy the machine.  I asked a ton of questions and then put him off for a few days.  As a result, I got the full MBX for free.  That was a big thing because I really wanted it.  I also used a credit card so that if there were any problems, I'd have a better chance of getting my money back.  When I got my machine, there were several feet missing.  I immediately called the dealer and they sat down on the phone with me to go over what I had gotten and what I hadn't gotten.  I received all the missing pieces within a few days.  I have had Janome machines for years, so I was confident in my ability to use the machine without needing classes and have had no problems in that area.  I have to say my experience was totally positive and I saved a lot of money on the machine.  The dealer also said if I had any problems in the first year I could ship it back to them and it would be repaired free of charge.  I've had it a couple of years and no problems and have since found a local dealer that is very nice and has no problem servicing my machine.  If you choose to go this route, especially on eBay, choose a dealer that has a 100% positive rating and look back at their feedback to see if they have sold other high dollar machines to satisfied customers.  I would defi nitely buy from this same dealer again.

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