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Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Although I have the 12000 and not the 15000, I just wanted wanted to share my experience of buying from a local dealer.  Right after 15000 came out, I contacted my dealer and asked him to put me on a list for a trade in, since I figured plenty of people would would trade up.  I already knew that he stood behind his machines, and that I would get good service.  I also knew that he offered free one on one lessons.  I guess because he needed to display the 15000, he sold me the floor model with less than 50 hours on it.  People come from all over to get machines from him.  His prices are fair, and he does a huge volume of sales.  He seems to always offer extras with the machines.  Considering I always need help learning new machines, it's an ideal solution for me.  My machine came in the original box, with all the accessories and parts in their wrappers.  I would have sworn it was brand new!  I went to an event he put on, and he was offering all kinds of extras with the 15000, which wouldn't have made an impression on me, because I have all the stabilizer, designs and thread than I can ever use, but it was available for anyone who needed it.  I know he has made at least two trips to Japan, but I didn't know they were incentives to dealers.  It's really reassuring to know there's a brick and mortar store whenever I need anything.  If we don't support our local dealers, they won't be there when we need them.   Jim's explanation was very helpful, and made me glad I bought from a reputable dealer.  I purchased a different brand of machine once from a dealer who was offering it at the trade in price.  Since I hadn't paid off my previous one, I bought it there and sold the other one.  He did offer lessons, but all he had was the tiny work area in the back of his shop, on top of his work bench.  After going there once, I paid for anything I needed from my regular dealer, who didn't sell that machine when I got it.  They too usually offered extras with their machines.  The first one I bought there came with a free cabinet.

Buying on e-bay seems risky too.  I know very little about it, and don't know how reliable the seller ratings are.  I know I had a hard time selling a machine there, because I had no seller rating at all.  When it finally sold, the winning bidder never paid me, so I sold it to the next highest bidder for a little less than I wanted, but at least I sold it.  I don't have the energy or patience to jump through hoops anymore!  I'd rather just deal locally, let them make their living, and know they'll be there when I need them.  Sorry for the long post, but I did appreciate Jim's explanations, and wanted to let everyone know that in my opinion, he raised very valid points, and contribute to my machine buying knowledge.  Sue

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