Re: When buying a 15000

Cat - N

I completely understand what you are saying, Pat, and that's all I want...a good working relationship...some place I can go that has greater technical expertise than me when I need it.  I am pretty technical, and will go to great lengths to be as self sufficient as possible, but I am very loyal to businesses that you can have that kind of relationship with.  I have had the same hairdresser for about 30 years...she is a dear friend, even though we haven't been in the same boating group for about 25 of those years.   Trouble is, that kind of business relationship can be really hard to find...and I am not sure about the current owner.  I haven't dealt with them much in a very long time, and this guy is NOT the same guy I used to get vac bags from about 25 years ago when I had the vacuum cleaner that they sold the bags for local, so I could get them if I ran out before my order arrived from halfway across the country.

I have to travel to just the D.C. area in a couple days, and hoping to have time to go visit some of the Janome dealers there to see what differences exist.  When I get back to Florida, we are already planning to go to the dealer local to the airport, then to another large city on the way home to talk to those two (2) dealers, too.  We just want to 'experience' what 'other' dealers are like.  I already talked to one (1) of the dealers on the phone and she was nice as could be, answered all my questions, volunteered information how I could check out and adjust the machine myself, said to call her back if I was still having trouble, said she would have a look at it I wanted to bring it to her, said it was a wonderful machine and her students loved that model, where the local deal never even called me back, and very nearly 'bad mouthed' the 11000..they knew I was also looking at the 15000.  It will be nice to meet her in person.

If it turns out that this dealer is not the kind of business I can learn to appreciate, I will make the longer drive for the peace of mind, and a happier relationship.

- Cat

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