Re: MBX and corel update

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I don't think the Registry backup is of too much value, since the Registry was most likely corrupt before he started. A System Restore to a pre-MBX point *might* be of use, because it actually does put the Registry into the state it was in on the date you restore to. Note that when you do a restore like this, any and all software that was installed after that point will appear to be gone and will need to be reinstalled.

I am sure that Wilcom is working on this, and we will likely see an update or a change in the installation process. Personally I wish Janome had not put Corel into the mix, as it can be a challenge to get two very large and very complex programs to mesh together, let alone work in conjunction with a second installation of one of them.

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I had 2 other thoughts I'd ask Janome, and wanted to know if you have an opinion. 1. The tech saved a registry backup to my computer before he made any that is still there, and might be helpful? (Don't actually know for sure what it is or what I'd do with it)
2. Could I do a restore point on my laptop to a point before i installed MBX?

Just wondering! But won't do anything else to make matters worse!

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