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Well, it never installed correctly to begin was never useable, so the uninstall didn't change that! I had the pencil icon (albeit with the message that the plug ins were not installed) until I did the "repair" with the CD...then it was grayed out...which is where I still am. Thank goodness the digitizer part works. And someone else posted they had no problem installing MBX with suite x5 on it...but the original install did something to disable my suite x5 from working. The tech tried to look at and trouble shoot the Corel Essentials x5, from the CD,as there was no Corel folder evidence of it on my computer...only the files under the programs files, x86, which he said is not the operating part of essentials, or something like that, but because the essentials is in MBX, I don't have a corel registry number, and he couldn't accesss it from the CD. So...tried the wiping everything clean and starting over. But still no evidence of Corel essentials.

From the threads i understood the problem to be when pieces of corel did not uninstall properly,but the corel tech wiped off ALL corel files, so in theory (?) should have worked.

And...sorry...but you should be able to uninstall a program. Janome/wilcom need to fix that!

Oh well, still no response from Janome. But I paid too much money for both my Corel graphics suite, and MBX, for the answer to be there is no something that never worked to begin with.

It won't slow me down for now. I can always do Corel on my desk top, save it, and should be able to copy/paste a vector....right? Haven't tried it yet, but that's what i do in my other software.

I'll let you know when I hear from Janome! And thanks again for all the help and support. I sure appreciate it. Barbara Jean

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It's very unfortunate that he uninstalled MBX, because that is known to cause Corel to NOT install correctly on subsequent installations. You should have the "Embroidery to Graphics" feature (the pencil) available if everything is correctly installed. At this point you'll have to wait for Janome tech support. The Corel installed with MBX is NOT the same as Corel 5, and it installs only through the MBX installation. I don't know what the fix is, if there is a fix, for when an MBX uninstall breaks the Corel installation.

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Dear Jim and any other experts! Because I had registered Corel essentials when that option came up at some point,(? or was it something else?) I got a free consult with corel. (I am still waiting to hear from janome). There had been an issue with graphics suite x5 and another Wilcom product, but that patch did not work when he tried it. He doesn't think I can have both programs on the same computer. So, he uninstalled my suite x5, and completely erased any traces of Corel, and uninstalled MBX. I then reinstalled, but don't think the emb to graphics is working. I've attached a screen shot of where it is highlighted when I first open the program, but how it is grayed out when I have a design selected. In case I am missing something, at this point shouldn't the pencil be highlighted so I can use it? Is there something else I should do? (I hope so...I hope I'm just missing a step I need to take!)

I'm waiting for another response back from "Miguel". I can find essentials on my computer...

So, until I find out something from corel or Janome, i would recomment NOT installing MBX if you have any other corelDRAW product already installed. Barbara Jean

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