Re: Free Motion quilting

Sherry Martin

My FMQ has looked wonderful (or at least better than any other machine I've had). Do you go to the Tshirt icon and pick the free motion quilting (under quilting) from there? I think if you do it from the tshirt the tension is adjusted automatically. I usually use lightweight polyester embroidery thread. I also am using the open toe foot on the regular ankle. My instructor where I got the machine doesn't use the foot pedal. She sets the speed on the machine and then uses one finger to push the start/stop button. I've been practicing that, but I'm not sure I like it. You kind of have to think ahead about where you want to stop so your finger remembers to hit the stop button. But I have been adjusting the speed a little bit slower than the fastest and pressing the foot pedal all the way down and trying to move at a constant speed. Seems to be working well.

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My free motion quilting has very lose tension so have increased it many times, still the same problem. The tighter tension has helped but still some spots with the top thread looping through. Is it possibly my technique? Any other suggestions.

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