Re: Windows 10 update by mistake!

Anne Parker

Don't get me wrong - I have no real issue with upgrading to Windows 10 - but had planned to do it in the New Year, not in the middle of making my Christmas presents!   I wanted to advise that I didn't get any option to choose, it just started the install when I did a restart. (I had been refuseing the install over the past few months).  On searching the forums it seems this has happened to others as well!  Luckly I had done MBX and dongle updates, plus backed up my data, ready for it.  And I have now been in touch with EQ7 support and my activations are sorted.

I know I could back it out, but having checked everything is working I don't see any reason to.  My main concerns were whether my ASUSDVD which is a version of Cyberlink Power DVD 10 would work and whether there would be options not to install updates I didn't want to.

It turns out Power DVD 10 works, though documentation on the Cyberlink site said I would need to update, and there is a way, if a little convoluted, to uninstall and hide any update you don't want - so I'm a happy bunny.  I also seem to have Windows Media Player - or at least a nearly complete version of it - which at one time Microsoft said wouldn't be available.  I had understood a DVD playing app would be available instead but this looks like the original.  Maybe Microsoft relented!

Anyway I like Windows 10 - now that I've tweaked it, and sorted Bullguard Firewall and System Restore settings. :0)


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