Re: Best janome machine to take to quilting class

Cheryl Paul

If you want embroidery as well as sewing the Janome 9900 or Elna 860 are wonderful machines. They both have a separate embroidery attachment like the 12000/15000 but smaller. Check it out here:

It doesn’t have the large embroidery field but most of the time we don’t need that much. I have the Elna 860 as that was what the dealer recommended to me at the time I traded/sold my 12000 for a smaller machine to take out to classes, for the same reason you are looking for a different machine. However, if “sewing” is all you need then I highly recommend the Skyline S7 as it has the 9 mm stitches and is a full size sewing machine at a reasonable price. We like the features that spoil us - like the auto foot lift when we quit sewing my Elna doesn’t have that and she will be traded as soon as they make another that does.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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