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Jim, thanks for the quick response. Can't take it to my local dealer. I was their tech until first quarter this year, so they don't have a tech with any experience.
Will give it a go to close up the spring.

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Suddenly lost top tension . This machine only used for embroidery. Have removed top cover and check for any loose threads. Cleaned between discs with a pipe cleaner. In regular sewing mode I get tension when I lower the Presser foot. In the embroidery mode I don't get tension when I lower the PF. I did have one occasion where thread came out of take up leaver. I looked at that and there is a gap above the small spring. I think I have seen notes on here concerning this issue. Any repair/replace procedure? This is a Ver. 2 machine recently updated to V 2.1. TIA. Sent from my iPad

Lowering his PF (Pinkie Finger) to the keyboard, Jim says:
You won't normally be able to detect loss of top tension in embroidery mode because the tension disks get opened every time the machine stops. It's more likely that your problem is coming from the gap in the take-up lever. The spring should completely close the opening so the thread cannot escape. If you have a gap the spring may be bent or damaged. I encountered this several times at the store, but found that there is no practical way to fix a bent spring short of changing out the take-up lever. (This is NOT fun!) In some cases the opening in the take-up lever was slightly too great and I was able to close it up enough to cause the spring to reach. You need to be VERY careful doing this. Using pliers to do it can cause scratching of the take-up lever, leading to thread problems. I would highly recommend having your dealer look at it.

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