Re: Stupendous Stitching/cording discovery

vicki chrobak

Janet, I meant that they were in the "Satin Stitch" menu & labeled for cording. In the Stupendous Stitching class which several of us have taken or are taking, there is a lot of couching so these stitches would work for that.

Vicki Jo

Stitches #1 and #2on the first page of the Satin category are really for cording. If you use them as a satin stitch, they will sew for a bit jump to the left a bit then sew some more and jump again. There are tow stitches because one if for 2 cords and the other for 3. The actual "real" satin stitch is on page 2 of the Satin category and it's stitch # 25. It's as wide as it can be so you'd probably want to make it a bit narrower.

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