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Cathy DeWolf

Hi Anne - 

My PC also updated to Win 10, but I restored it back to Win 7. 

Please tell me about the program to prevent it from installing again. 


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Just thought I would let people know I updated my Windows 8.1 laptop to Windows 10 by mistake last night! 

I thought I was restarting for a normal update but the next thing I know Windows 10 is installing!

Anyway my USB drive and MBX Dongle were still attached so I left them.  Luckily I had upgraded MBX and the Dongle a couple of months ago so when the system came back MBX ran first time - infact most everything did except for my Bullguard firewall.  I'm also left with the issue that I hadn't deactivated EQ7 so it now thinks I have two installs active!  I elected to go through the options at installation so I could set my own default programs and privacy settings from the start rather than letting Microsoft set them.

The firewall just needed a laptop restart to finish reinstalling itself and all was ok.  Windows switches it's own firewall on, and it seems on Windows 10 it is ok to have both Windows and a 3rd Party firewall active.

One thing I have found is that 'System Restore' had been switched off, so you may want to check if yours is turned on if it is something you would use to roll back if you install new software etc.

You can't stop an update being installed but you can uninstall an update causing problems, though it will reinstall the next time microsoft does it's updates - this reinstall can be stopped using a small program downloaded from microsoft - though I've not yet had occasion to download and use it.  If people want further details I'm happy to provide them so send me an email.


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