Re: Best janome machine to take to quilting class

Judy Jackson <judy.j282@...>

Hi Paul, I too had this dilemma earlier this year. I have the 15000 but was it was just far too heavy for me to take to a quilting class. At the time the Atelier (Skyline in the US)5 came out so this is what I bought. I loved the machine but it lacked certain features such a automatic foot up/down and 9mm feet. Then in October Janome brought out the Atelier (Skyline)7 so after only a few months of using the 5 I traded up to the 7. I have never regretted this, even though I lost money on the trade up deal, the 7 is a far superior machine and is more like the 12000/15000 without the embroidery of course. I love it nearly as much as my 15000
Judy, Cornwall UK

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The 12000 is more than a bit heavy to be hauling around to classes/get togethers.  Looking for recommendation on a  machine for that purpose that has very good stitch quality and sewing capabilities, 9 mm???


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