Re: Best janome machine to take to quilting class

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I have the new Skyline 7. It's 9 mm, has the Flex Accufeed, has most of the sewing features and programs of the 12000 sewing mode, including a resume function and saving favorite stitch settings. Best of all is that all the attachments are interchangeable with the 12000, except for the bobbin case. It doesn't have a low bobbin sensor. The machine weighs 24 lbs versus 30 lbs for the 12000 (without embroidery unit). It's as if Janome stripped out all the embroidery functions and repackaged the rest into a slightly smaller body (19" versus 22.6").

By comparison, the 4120 QDC weighs only 14 lbs, is 15" wide, but is 7 mm, doesn't have any "save" memory, and has a smaller bed space than the Skyline. I had the 4120 for nearly a year and took it to two retreats and a couple of classes. It sewed beautiful stitches, was easy to transport, and was overall a very good machine. The problem was me. I felt cramped by the bed space and got frustrated with having to reset "my" stitch settings every time I turned the machine on. My dealer gave me full price trade-in toward the Skyline, and I haven't had one regret for the additional cost because I'm much more productive and it's an easy mental adjustment going from one machine to the other. 

The Skyline's more solid weight and larger bed space than the 4120 QDC have made me realize just how spoiled I've become with my 12000. You need to decide what features you "must" have or really need and then go and do some test driving at your dealer's store.

Jan Steiner

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