Re: reverse bobbin work

vicki chrobak

I haven't tried it yet. However, maybe the new FMQ bobbin holder might work when it comes out.

Vicki Jo

Has anyone tried reverse bobbin work (where the decorative thread is in the bobbin, the right side of the fabric is down in the hoop, you sew on the wrong side of the fabric) on the 12000?

I'm looking for suggestions on the tension. I tried just laying the bobbin thread on top of the bobbin, not using the either tension disc, and I was not pleased with the result. The decorative thread bunched up in some areas. I am using designs digitized for this type of stitching. While I do not want to mess with the tension screw in the bobbin case at all, has anyone changed the upper thread tension? Yes I can experiment on my own but perhaps one of you has the secret and I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

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