Re: Bobbin quality

Anne Parker

I buy extra bobbins from China on Ebay - a few pounds for 25 bobbins, in 5 different colours in a plastic case.  - like these -  I have 3 boxes at the moment.  I have only found a burr on one of them and I think 3 of them are just a bit too small to fit over the bobbin winder spindle.  I plan to use those to hand wind cords on when I come to use my cording foot as they will fit on various other thread pins I have which are graduated.

I've had no problems using these colourful bobbins.

I've also bought my first pack of pre-wounds in the UK - - and they seem to work fine though I am still on my first one.

I've seen it stated on here that these should only be used once even though they are plastic not papaer.  Could someone please tell me why?  Once I've emptied one I will be testing out what happens when I wind my own thread on it. 


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 Citing the Bobbin Recycling Agreement of 2008 in Brussels, Jim says:
Speaking only from experience with Janome pre-wound bobbins, we did reuse them extensively. The empty bobbins are somewhat thinner than the genuine Janome empty (102261103) and they are not rubber-infused as is the "official" bobbin. I suspect they are made thinner in order to accommodate additional thread. As a result the recycled bobbins are not quite as robust, and they may break after repeated use. At that point I suppose the shards and remnants could be returned to China, melted down and returned to us as Christmas tree ornaments or singing fish or whatever else they can manage with the bits.

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