Bobbin quality


I know there have been several threads about bobbins, but something that I've been noticing the last couple of weeks is an increasing variation in bobbin quality, particularly in terms of the injection points on the spindle and the mold release seams. On one bobbin I noticed that the spindle had a piece of plastic stuck on the spindle that was actually making a lump in the thread and could have been affecting the sensor pickup or even unwinding. Then at the store last week when I was buying some more bobbins, I had to pick through several packages to find one that did not appear to have at least one bobbin with a rough line on the side from the seam of the mold (and these were not no-name brand bobbins bought in bulk).

On the plus side, it is possible to take an exacto or hobby knife and trim off these protrusions pretty easily, which is actually what is supposed to be done as part of the finishing process with the injection molding process, but is also the labor intensive, quality control step that is often overlooked these days.


Finding it easier to remember "when" than to remember "now", Jim says:
In the early days of our store we found a supplier that offered Janome-compatible bobbins for about half the price of Janome bobbins. We bought 1,000 of them and put them in plastic bobbin boxes. Of the 1,000 bobbins, though, at least 990 had burrs left over from the mold. After trimming off all the rough edges and bumps I never bought anything but Janome bobbins.

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