Re: corel and MBX

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

If you installed MBX as an update "on top" of Digitizer Pro, and didn't check the Design Gallery box during installation, the shortcut on your desktop will be pointing to the old Design Gallery from Digitizer Pro. Run the MBX installer again and make sure the Design Gallery option is checked.

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I guess the good news is that I never tried to uninstall corel essentials! I put the CD back in and did a "repair". Neither of the "corels" were working before I tried anything. that's when I tried putting the plug in into least it got rid of the message, and I thought I had "fixed" it, until I realized it still didn't work! I'll try doing a repair with my x5 CD, and if that doesn't work, will leave everything alone and contact janome.

This is the part of computer software stuff I don't like!

Any idea why nothing but black line boxes shows in designer gallery? Sorry for the headache emails! I sure appreciate your wisdom! Barbara Jean

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