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I guess the good news is that I never tried to uninstall corel essentials! I put the CD back in and did a "repair". Neither of the "corels" were working before I tried anything. that's when I tried putting the plug in into least it got rid of the message, and I thought I had "fixed" it, until I realized it still didn't work! I'll try doing a repair with my x5 CD, and if that doesn't work, will leave everything alone and contact janome.

This is the part of computer software stuff I don't like!

Any idea why nothing but black line boxes shows in designer gallery? Sorry for the headache emails! I sure appreciate your wisdom! Barbara Jean

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That warning message is one of the more misleading that I've ever seen. The Corel plugin that MBX uses is very different from the standard Corel 5, and even if they were compatible (they aren't), you cannot simply copy files from one to the other. As in all Windows programs, there are myriad entries in the Registry that have to be updated through an installation process. But it gets much, much worse.

Uninstalling the Corel from MBX is NOT recommended because it is incomplete and once attempted, will not allow a successful installation to occur. I suspect that the attempt to uninstall damaged the existing Corel installation, which is why it will not open now. Again we're back to registry entries, and it's likely that some of those entries where shared between the existing Corel 5 and the Essentials installed with MBX. The Windows Registry is like a house of cards made of tissue paper between a fire and a fan. It takes only the slightest breeze to collapse it into a pile of burnt rubble.

I'm not at all optimistic on the possibility of recovery. I have been told by MBX support folks that reinstallation of MBX is not possible after an attempted uninstall of Corel Essentials. My advice would be to try to install Corel 5 from your original CD, even though it did not fully uninstall. That would rebuild the Registry entries. Be sure to install the latest of any updates that may be available for Corel 5.

If Digitizer MBX will still open, use it that way without the Corel plugin. The alternative would be to reinstall Windows 7, or if your system came with a recover CD, to use that. Either option will remove EVERYTHING from your computer, so it's essential that you back up all of your data first. Before you take this very radical step, I would suggest that you contact Janome Tech Support for advice. This may take several days, because they don't have a very big support staff, and they are often overwhelmed. If there is a non-destructive way to recover from this, they may be able to guide you step by step. To increase the probability of success in this, you should not do anything more to try to fix it yourself.

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Dear Jim,I added a screen shot in files of the message I received when I tried to use the embroidery to graphics feature. I tried copying that plug in from essentials to graphics suite 5, and it did come up with the embroidery to graphics window...which never went away...and went to Corel...unuseable, and even when I went back to embroidery, the window was still sitting there.

I have windows 7, 64 bit. My corel graphics suite 5 will not even open now, and I tried uninstalling it, as I guessed the corel from MBX was interferring, but it wouldn't uninstall.

Also, when I open the design gallery, there is nothing there, like on the video by Trevor.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much! Barbara jean

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