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The magnets really are for thin fabrics, e.g. a single layer of cotton. They don't cover it in the manual, but the magnets help to clamp the fabric so it can't pull back into the center of the hoop. Without the magnets, thin fabric can be easily pulled through the hoop. With them in place it's very hard to pull. Diane thinks they could also be used with quilted fabric. Another thing for us to test!

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Dear all

Well got the big box last night- sew (!) exciting.

As a new Janome girl I said I would let you know howe I got on.

Well opened the box, unpacked the machine, so far ,

Sewed straight lines, tried some of the deco stitches ( they are great) changed some of the feet, filled a bobbin, changed the foot plate and connected and set up the embroidery arm. And last night tried some free motion quilting ( never done this before either) .

What can I say, so far a walk in the park! One question I do have

I have never used magnets to hold down fabric in a hoop before, and with a thick piece of felt and stabiliser ( that came with my machine) I could not hoop the largest hoop. I didn't get where to put the fabric and the magnets.

Are the magnets only for thin fabric??? I can see where they fit, I just didn't now if the fabric was under the inner hoop before the outer goes on, or the fabric was folded over the hoop and held in place with the magentas. Either way the fabric and stabiliser was too thick for the magnets to stay in place.


Linda ( not sewing now- off to work:((

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