The Spam: Re: As I Promised

Jim_Stutsman <jim@...>

Spam comes in many varieties, and not all of them come with destructive payloads. Some just try to get you to a site where you might spend money. As long as you aren't getting feedback about emails you didn't send, all is probably well. Signs of infection are emails you didn't send going to addresses in your address book, a computer that is running a lot slower than usual, or mysterious pop-ups when you surf the web. You are probably ok, but changing passwords wouldn't hurt.

--- In, "Cheryl" <capaul@...> wrote:

Hi Jim,

I clicked on this link and was sent to some "Casino" site - I think. Once I realized it wasn't related to sewing I got out. Will this cause me any problem? I'm sure others may be wondering too, if we have compromised our computers by looking.

Thanks for any wisdom that you can shed of this for us.

Cheryl - Saskatoon Canada

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