Re: One more survey

Anne Parker

I'm definitely up for Periscope! - as I don't have an iPad (though the Apple TV will mean I will be able to watch the My 15000 app).

I like the idea of it being live when we could ask questions if we wanted rather than You Tube which is just watching.

I'm happy that I won't actually have to 'tweet' even if I have to belong to Twitter.  I do have old user that I had to create as directed by IBM when I was working, but I've never used it and never had anything sent to me from Twitter, so I'm thinking this would be the same (can't even remember what the name of it was now!).

Thanks for the link to DuckDuckGo - never heard of that one.  I use Firefox in which you can open a private browsing window -  is that the same thing?


"Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance". Anon

As John, Paul, George and Ringo bring the sub to the surface, Jim says:
As it happens, Periscope only needs a login. That can be a Twitter account or a mobile phone number. I think they only want that so they can be assured that it is their app they are communicating with, not someone trying to capture their data streams.

Private browsing means nothing is being saved in your computer's history, but Google saves every search request and the IP address that it came from. They also use tracking cookies to monitor which sites you visit so they can serve up ads. It's disturbingly close to "Minority Report" (the Tom Cruise movie, not the recent TV show). Duck Duck Go doesn't keep anything. They will serve ads in the search results related to the search term (which is how they make money), but they do not track anything. Given that our respective governments are keenly interested in virtually every move we make online, I am trying to preserve what precious little privacy is left.

Periscope requires an iPhone or Android phone to create and view video, and they also support viewing on Apple TV. The app is free. I suspect the tricky bit is going to be to find a time when everyone is still awake in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.

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