Re: Stupendous Stitching projects


Hi Vicky,
it is hard to explain, but when you google it you find lots of examples and you tube movies with demo's as well.
This is also a good article:

The article in Quilting Arts actually speaks of Zen-doodling, but it is related to the Zentangle.


Op 11-02-12 16:30, vicki chrobak schreef:


Enjoy Gerda.
Also, what is a zentangle?

Vicki Jo

I also think an enlarged zentangle would be a nice starting point. (Quilting Arts has an issue where they do this for a quilt)

And adding the handstitches after the machine work gives it a final personal touch. So I will sign up for the course. The way the instructor talks to you is like you are sitting in a classroom with her so it is a good substitute for a real class which I can't attend as I live in Holland.


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