Re: Quarter inch foot

Deb Keldrauk

Here is what I have done on my 15000. I prefer this for a quarter inch setting. First, I use the zig zag plate so I can move the needle freely. I didn't like using the programmed icon, in the little shirt>piecing option, mostly because it always nagged me about chain piecing and did I want the next line of stitching to be the same AARRGGH. 

I choose stitch number 4, it is for installing a zipper, it is a simple straight stitch and the needle position is set to the far left, I don't do many zippers so probably won't use that one much.

I turned on Favorite Stitch memory in the settings first then I took that stitch #4 and set it manually exactly where I wanted my 1/4" seam allowance to be, I place the needle and measured and tested until I got it exactly correct for me. I also adjusted the stitch length to what I like for my piecing and saved it all as my favorite stitch. Now when I piece I just turn on my machine and hit stitch #4 put my 1/4" foot on and I am set. (If I need the zipper setting I'd just have to press the DFT square and it will move back to where it belongs for that sewing session or until I go back and press FAV1 again).

I also don't use the O foot. I purchased a 1/4" clear piecing foot. It does have a flange but that can be removed with a screw. I'd rather eye it only, no flange because I tend to push my fabric up against that thing as I'm running and it can get off. My accuracy is better just watching the fabric run on the edge of that clear foot.

I hope this info can help you Colleen

newfilter - Deb in CA

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