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J Fraker

I don't know about everybody else, but with email, complicated phones, yahoo groups, etc., I have way too much stuff going on anyway.  One more thing would just take away from my sewing time, besides the fact that I don't want to have to learn to use yet another means of communication.  Why not just make a YouTube channel?  YouTube videos are quickly and easily accessible, and it would be very easy for you to post videos on there.  Most of us probably already know how to use YouTube and it is easy to post an email link to videos.

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This is the last one, I promise. The purpose of the previous survey was to see if there would be any interest in us providing short, live videos once or twice a month on topics of interest. I got this idea when we were working on methods to use AcuSetter with an iPad while trying to keep it steady and take a picture. From the previous survey I learned:

* Slightly less than half of you know what Twitter is. I was not surprised at this.

* About 1 in 5 have a Twitter account. Again, no surprise.

* About 1 in 8 know what Periscope is. I've actually never met anyone over 40 who knows about it, so that's about what I expected. Not that I'm assuming group members are over 40 - I suspect most of you are 41 or 42 at most!

* About 1 in 50 actually user Periscope. Hello youngsters!

So I'm running one more single question survey to see what level of interest, if any, there would be in us setting up a Periscope account. This would requires a Twitter account and the Periscope app on a mobile device (iOS or Android). Here is the survey link: Periscope Survey
Don't click the big black "SurveyMonkey" square, as it just takes you to a pitch page that tries to get you to sign up for a "free" (Don't believe that! Free is $26.) survey.

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