Another Newbie Question - 'using up' bobbins

JoAnn Novak

 Does the 15000 stop stitching when the bobbin is empty??
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So, the 12000 stops when it's really out of bobbin thread? That's the machine I have, so I think I'll try that. It's not an issue when I can actually see the bobbin.

Searching for a definitive answer, Jim says:
It depends. At the beginning of seams and embroidery designs the machine will kick out the little flipper on the bobbin case to sense the amount of thread on the bobbin. If it's low you'll get a message. It will also sense the thread periodically while sewing or embroidering and report once the bobbin thread goes below the level you have set. If you turn the sensor completely off the machine will not stop when the bobbin runs out. Sometimes, if you've led a good life, there will be just enough slack in the needle thread to cause the machine to stop with a broken thread message. Otherwise though, it will continue to sew without a message or stopping.

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