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I cheated,I did not do the stitch bible. 
Ann Simon
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Date: 2/11/2012 3:31:49 AM
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Hello Ladies,
thanks for mentioning this class. It looks like a fun way to play with the machine and getting to know it.

I'm making samples of the stitches right now, just in the default setting, but in one of the 2 minute-pieces of video they show for free, the instructor mentioned making a stitch bible and getting 3 very different stitches from 1 stitch by just altering length and width (which is obvious, but making the samples in default setting is already a lot of work so I didn't experiment yet).

I also think an enlarged zentangle would be a nice starting point. (Quilting Arts has an issue where they do this for a quilt)

And adding the handstitches after the machine work gives it a final personal touch. So I will sign up for the course. The way the instructor talks to you is like you are sitting in a classroom  with her so it is a good substitute for a real class which I can't attend as I live in Holland.


Op 10-02-12 00:52, vicki chrobak schreef:


Thank you Barbara. I had a ball with both versions of my project. I
took the class specifically for inspiration & it did not fail me. The
instructor's only rule was "There are no rules" --right up my alley & I
used it to the hilt. Almost didn't know when to quit beading. So yes,
I do recommend it. I also learned a new way to finish my fm
wallhangings. What I liked best was getting a totally new perspective &
a new way to use my machine & hand needlework. On my first project I
felted fabric from rayon thread scraps & silk scraps for the background
in lieu of recommended batik fabric. Go for it, you won't be sorry.

Vicki Jo

What I liked best was getting a totally new perspective
I like your project! I hadn't thought the stupendious stitching was a class I wanted to buy, as I could "do it myself" ,but now...maybe a class for inspiration might be nice. Do you recommend it, and what did you like best about it? I just bought the craftsy "Jean-ious: Reverse engineer" class, so can buy another course this week for $25.

Is anyone doing the free quilting block of the month? I've taught quilting for years, but am still doing it. I ALWAYS learn something from a teacher, so love to take classes, as well as teaching them. The blocks are fun so far. Barbara Jean


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