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Anne Parker


I am really interested in this.  We binned our cable package at the end of last year because it was way over priced for what we watched.  We bought a Roku streaming stick which we use to watch Netflix, Now TV, Sky sports etc.

I have been thinking of buying a second streaming stick for our other main TV, and have been looking around to see if another type would give us anything more - I never even thought of Apple TV.  It just didn't cross my mind!

Anyway I've just had a quick look and it seems in UK I can get it for £59 - we don't yet seem to have the same amount of content as you do in the US but with the apps it would give us a different experience to the Roku.

Is there somewhere where I could find a list of apps available - I've done some searching but not having any joy finding just a list of those available.  Will the Janome apps be available on it - not sure they would work with that set up though as I don't now the technicalities - yet!

What I did come across was a comment that I needed a subscription to iTunes?  No real idea what that is as I don't own anything Apple, though vaguely seem to remember you can use that on a PC?

Thanks for any further info you can advise.


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Taking a break from trying to find "Midsomer" in Google Maps, Jim says:
The previous generation of Apple TV was good, but this one is, as my friend in Oz would say, MAGIC. We also own a Roku 3, which is used solely for the Acorn service that provides shows from UK. We will be dumping the Roku when the Acorn subscription expires, as the Hulu app now provides more UK shows and the BBC iPlayer app is supposed to be coming in 2016. We've grown weary of the US network shows, which consist mainly of shootouts and car chases. British TV is so much better. We've burned through all 17 seasons of Midsomer Murders and we're finishing up season 7 of Doc Martin. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock is stunningly good, and I can't wait for the next series. I think "The IT Crowd" may just be the funniest television show ever made, at least from the geek perspective. (Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?) But I digress - love my British TV!

You can get some basic specs on Apple TV content here:
Most of the services you mention seem to be there and you do not need any kind of iTunes subscription to use it. The only thing that involves subscription is premium services, such as HBO Now, which bills on a monthly basis, or season passes to shows. We added a couple of those when we cut the cable for shows that we like. There are no commercials in paid content, and even those channels that are free seem to have fewer commercials than the cable. Here in the US a 60 minute program runs just over 42 minutes without commercials, and they seem to load the bulk of the advertising in the final third of the program to keep you from changing channels. That makes it totally worth signing up for the ad-free version of the Hulu service, though I don't think it's available in UK.

You can try the Apple TV risk free, returning it in 15 days if you don't like it. Highly recommended!

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