App News

Jim Stutsman

Most members are probably not aware that Apple released the 4th generation Apple TV recently. It was of big interest to me because this version supports apps. I am happy to say that our My 15000 app is now available on Apple TV 4. OK, cue the yawning and cricket sounds! However if you've taken the plunge and cut the cable with Apple TV 4 AND you have the My 15000 app you can install the Apple TV version of the app at no cost from the TV App Store. It knows if you own the app and lets you install it for free. If you don't have an iPhone or iPad, but you do have Apple TV 4, you can get the app in the TV app store. The entry price for Apple TV is $149, well below even the least expensive iPad. I realize that for the majority of you this announcement is of little interest, but for one or two of you it may be helpful.

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