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I had a lot of breakage when I used a separate thread stand and had the best results when I put the spool on the horizontal spool holder using the little “extra large spool holder” doo-dad to hold the spool in place.  I had to order the spool holder from the dealer but they were inexpensive, two for around $9 I think.  Here’s a picture of them:
When I have to use my thread stand with large cones I  clip a metal office clip on the base of the horizontal spool holder and run the thread through the handles of it so that it is a more direct path, similar to when it is threaded from the horizontal pin.  Here is a pic of them:
I’ve seen many people state they have issues with Floriani thread and the 15000 for some reason.  I bought some but haven’t tried it yet.

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Subject: [janome12000] 15000 thread breakage

For all of you who have the 15,000 I have a question.  I am having a terrible time with thread breaking. I have tried about everything I can think of to fix this issue. My machines do not seem to like floriani thread which I have a ton. I have tried Robison Anton which seems somewhat better.  I have put the thread on a separate holder and guide.  I have purple janome needles in my machine.  I have the embroidery bobbin case in.  I put janome bobbin thread on the bobbin and still have many thread breaks especially when embroidering. I am very frustrated with this machine. I have an appt with my dealer on Tuesday but wanted to see if anyone else has this problem or any help!!  I am ready to toss the machine out the window but it cost too much!!!  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Lynne

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