Re: Hooping Tip


Look in the group files for the folder that has the Frames files. Basically, you make a frame out of a sturdy fabric (I like the old fashioned Buckram or Heavyweight Cut Away) and this is what you hoop so that you can machine baste the fabric/garment you want to embroider onto it. The frame must also have it's own baste file as a step in it. It works great for a lot of different embroidery applications. I've been creating frames for years in my embroidery software to fit my hoops and a variety of different opening sizes. They help save a lot of stabilizer and make it easy to embroider heavy/thick items too. I even created a special frame to make my Hoopsisters Jacobean Journey quilt, and when I taught Cindy Losekamp's Rags to Riches Quilt I made a frame for my students to use for their embroidery. If you want more info you can email me.

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